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DHL's 45th Anniversary in Singapore: Digital and Technological Innovation and Magic


DHL's 45th Anniversary in Singapore: Digital and Technological Innovation and Magic

It was delightful for me to perform for DHL's 45th Anniversary Singapore on the 24th October 2017 because I have always looked up to DHL as an innovative company that is eager to push the boundaries of technology to make processes and lives better.

My first working encounter with DHL was in the December 2015 where I was commissioned to craft and produce a digital magic act to launch their innovation center. Read the article here!

Innovation Center 2015

Moving forward to 2 years on, it brought me great pleasure to be back at their 45th Anniversary celebration, at JW Marriott Singapore.

I started the night with my iPad Roving Magic where I engage the audiences with my visually captivating iPad Magic. The audiences were enthralled as, for most of them, this is the first time they have experienced digital iPad Magic.

iPad Roving Magic Alexander Yuen
iPad Roving Magic

After the cocktail reception, I had to get ready for the iPad Illusion Show on stage. This show was tremendously well received as it embraced the company's vision of being technologically driven. 

iPad Illusion Show

Apart from my segment, the night was laced with technological artifacts like an interactive robot and a presentation on Drones.

Happy 45th Birthday DHL Singapore!


Signing off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician) 


Adult Parties


Adult Parties

No no, not that kind of adult parties.

Most of the time when we think about parties, we are probably thinking about a children's birthday party or a drinking session in a club which you pass off as "party".

The truth be told, there are a lot of other parties adults throw for themselves, or for their partners. 

  1. Birthday Parties
  2. Anniversary Parties
  3. Themed Gathering
  4. Bachelorette's Night
  5. Bachelor's Night
  6. Company Appreciation
  7. Guests Appreciation
  8. Wine Tasting Parties
  9. I-Have-Too-Much-Money-And-I-Don't-Know-How-To-Spend-It Party

And these are just a small handful of them. In fact, I will be very unbashful about this and say that I have in fact done all these parties in the above list, though number 5 was ... kind of weird.

My point is, the way we celebrate our moments has changed. Its not just about the food and drinks. It is about the ambiance (choosing the best venue), the entertainment and even the music.

Whisky Magic

Recently, I was engaged by a couple from India who flew all the way to host their 40th Wedding Anniversary in the lavish W Hotel. They also flew their friends and families, it was amazing.


A testament to my belief that magic isn't just for children, I did an picture prediction as part of my iPad Magic, and... who says adult can't have fun with magic. :P

It was really fun performing for the guests and VIPs from India. One thing I can be sure, magic does transcend culture.

Peace out!
Alexander Yuen

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