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iPad Magic at Heineken F1 Fashion Party!


iPad Magic at Heineken F1 Fashion Party!

The moonlit open area was bustling with noise. Many were eating, drinking and chattering amidst the sea of people. I was at Lau Pa Sat, performing for Heineken’s Formula One Fashion Party!

Heineken iPad Magician

The iconic heritage site, Lau Par Sat, was remarkably transformed into a fashion runway with a unique twist! Famous models Sheila Sim, Angie Watkins, Hanli Hoefer and Jason Godfrey wore clothes by Singapore's leading design talents, Sabrina Goh and Amos Ananda. The show was even curated by fashion show producer Jeremy Tan! I began my performance with a group of friends, showing them my interactive iPad Magic!

iPad Magician Hong Kong

The crowd was amazing! Everyone was hyped about the upcoming Formula One events that were to happen that weekend. Since it was a Heineken event, I also added something extra into my iPad magic routine!

The audience went crazy when I took out the Heineken bottle from my iPad. Some girls even screamed! The night was filled with laughter and looks of amazement!

iPad Magic Beer Bottle

Overall, I had a great time performing at Lau Par Sat. The people there were very welcoming and it was wonderful performing at somewhere I love to eat!

alexander yuen international magician ipad

Signing off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by clients who value the finer things in life. Booked by luxury brands all over the world, he is the choice of luxury entertainment. 

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"The Key is Right Here" : Showcasing the 4 Pillars of Sky Premium (an iPad Magic Launch)


"The Key is Right Here" : Showcasing the 4 Pillars of Sky Premium (an iPad Magic Launch)

A challenge that most marketeers face is that they run out of ideas to showcase a non-tangible product. For example, how do you showcase security? (See here!) How do you showcase a concierge service (read below!)

iPad Magician Asia


When I was consulted to design a sequence for Sky Premium, I too had some difficulties in trying to bring forth the ideas to life. Hence instead of focusing on what the company can do, I focused more on what their clients will experience. 

The four pillars of their services pertains to:

  1. Travel
  2. Wine and Dine
  3. Shopping
  4. Wellness

With this in mind, I brainstormed activities that are most associated with these pillars. Next I thought about the type of magic that would be most appropriate for this. 

Singapore iPad Magician

A specific request the client wanted was to connect my act to the next segment where the emcee would talk about the "Key" to "The Good Life". Bearing that in mind, I had to end with that tagline so that my act can segway seamlessly into the next. 

Enjoy the good life and check out the end result below!

Living the Good Life,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)


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Chinese Speaking iPad Magician in Singapore

The great thing about growing in Singapore is that almost everyone has to learn 2 languages in school. For me, it is Mandarin and English. English being my first language and Mandarin is my mother tongue. 

This is great because I am often booked for shows and events where I have to perform my iPad magic in a Chinese (or Mandarin). The ability to supplement my magic with language is adds a different dimension to the experience of watching the iPad magic. 

I can lead my audiences with stories through text and animations through the iPad and magic through sleight of hand. Compared to illusionists who performs old school illusions boxes after boxes, this modern and engaging form of magic is highly sought after.

If you are looking for a mandarin or chinese speaking iPad magician, drop me a text! 

Watch my iPad Magic in Chinese below!

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