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Amazing Reactions to Magic in Philippines!


Amazing Reactions to Magic in Philippines!

A couple of weeks ago, I travelled to Philippines to film a segment of the Bend The Rules video by HP. After 3 hours of travel by air, 2 hours on the bus and then 20 minutes on a ferry (gosh, I travelled by sea, air and land in one trip!), my crew and I got to Boracay.

Boracay Beach Alexander Yuen

Boracay boasts one of most beautiful beaches in the world, there were so many things to do there. Sea sports, water activities and night life, fun touristy things to do. But I was there on a mission, to share my magic with the locals. 

There were a lot of opportunities to perform and share my magic with the locals. Given that they have not seen sleight of hand magic ever in their life, they thoroughly enjoyed the magic. You can literally see the sparkle in their eyes when something magical happened. It was a beautiful moment for me as well as a performer.

While corporate parties and functions form the bulk of my engagement, I too enjoy performing to audiences that did not expect to be pleasantly surprised by magic. That is the true joy of magic for me, to be able to spread that moment of glee from me to my audiences, whether in a corporate function or along the streets of a night market. 

After a week of filming, I got really good footage and reactions of my magic, tell me what you think!

Pardon the floppy hair and the tee shirt and berms, we were in a beach after all. ;)

Enjoy the magic!

Signing off,
Alexander Yuen