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iPad Magic Special: Indian Wedding in the Heart of Bangkok


iPad Magic Special: Indian Wedding in the Heart of Bangkok

This month I was cordially invited to perform for an exquisite Wedding Banquet for an Indian family all the way in the Land of Smiles – Thailand. I was extremely pleased that I was invited to grace this joyous occasion of theirs. I packed my bags, booked my flight, and buckled my seat-belts together with my wonderful crew member, Elijah.

The Wedding Banquet, unlike a traditional Chinese wedding, spans across the length of two days, of which, was held in two different locations. These banquet or parties thrown by the family, are highly exquisite, prestigious and above all, out of this world. You should have seen the quality of the food, furnishing and ambiance provided by the management. No expenses were spared from the client; they were highly serious about getting the best there is for this event! They even had all their relatives in India flown in to Bangkok so that they could all commemorate this wonderful and magical event!

iPad Magician Bangkok

Our first party was located abroad a cruise. It was so big that it even had an escalator on it. The drinks were plenty; the people were many! I had a great opportunity to show this group of fantastic people the miracles iPad magic can produce! A particular Indian lady was so astonished by my magic that she proposed for a photo to be taken with me.

iPad Magician India

Magic transcends cultural boundaries. I am extremely grateful that I am blessed with the skill sets that I possess to bring about happiness and satisfaction to my clients around the world.

India iPad Magician

Curiosity has always been intrinsic in us human beings. Magic then allows me to engage with the spectator’s curiosity by showing them a spectacle that they will never forgot for the rest of their life. I am thus able to mould and shape the way they think about reality. Oh, I forgot to mention how well dressed the audience was for this event!

Top iPad Magician Asia

The second part of the banquet was held at the extremely luxurious and gorgeous Kempinski Hotel. It was such a marvel! There were a great many number of chandelier lights over head while the distinguished guests were all seated upon chairs that look like frosted glass! The furnishing of the Hotel’s ballroom was such a great complement to my digital magic; it was highly elegant and classy.

iPad Magician Asia

My crewman and I had a fantastic time and Bangkok and I hope that you too had a fantastic week as well. Cheers!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! He is often sought after by clients who value the finer things in life. He also loves Bangkok and the food there. And thinks that Indian hospitality is the best! Want something luxurious? You know who to call :)

For any enquiries, do contact him at


Asia's Top iPad Magician in India


Asia's Top iPad Magician in India

On 9th of April, Asia's Top iPad Magician, Alexander Y flew to India, Jaipur to entertain distinguish guest of Willis Carrier Club dealer’s event and Toshiba Dealers Meet. He was invited to perform for a cocktail reception to showcase his amazing iPad Magic.

Check out this quick video to see the sights and sound of Fairmont India!

When we first arrived at Fairmont hotel, Jaipur, we were graciously greeted by the hotel staff. The hotel staff were so hospitable they even toured us around the grounds of the hotel and explained why the hotel was built in the shape of a palace! We were in awe when we saw how beautiful the hotel was.

india magician ipad

On the first night, Alexander performed for Willis Carrier Club. He started his opening act and left his audiences speechless, even the client told him “You have really pursued the right path in life as a magician!”

magician asia ipad


Alexander then moved on to the next group of audiences. He started pulling objects out of his IPad such as his sharpie, sponge balls, and even transferred an X from his iPad to his spectator’s hands!

ipad magician india


He soon established his presence there as a magician and people were crowding around him to watch him work his magic! It ended off with a thunderous applause and the events manager looked forward to seeing him again the next day to perform for Toshiba Dealers meet!

On the second night, Alexander arrived at the event location an hour earlier. He walked around the dining area, preparing for the guests to arrive, and striking conversations with the waiters and waitresses. A few minutes later, Alex was greeted by a guest who excitedly requested for a magic trick after getting great feedback about his magic! He was astonished when Alexander was able to predict the card he was thinking of.


After the guests started streaming in the ballroom, Alexander approached a group of Indians and performed his full repertoire of iPad Magic. One of the Indians shrieked when Alexander made a coin appear underneath his watch! He carried on wowing the crowd with his professionally designed iPad magic and ended the night with a round of applause from the spectators and smiles on their faces! Throughout his night of performing, people genuinely were genuinely impressed with his performance and a lot of them even requested to take selfies knowing he is the celebrity of the event!

ipad magician asia


It was an amazing event and experience for Alexander and his team! It was truly a blessing to be flown around to perform magic!



Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! For any enquiries, do contact him at