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Singaporean iPad Magic in the Middle East - Egypt


Singaporean iPad Magic in the Middle East - Egypt

A land of mystic and magic, Egypt. The place where fallen kings are mummified and kept in tombs where they believe in the afterlife. Filled with 3000 years of culture and richness, Egypt houses one of the 7 Wonders of the world. 

iPad Magician Middle East Egypt

That sounds like something you'd see on a travel catalog, doesn't it? But in March, the iPad Magic Team and I were flown all the way from Singapore to Egypt to witness the magic of Egypt. Actually we were flown to perform at a Technology Conference called Connect HYPE 2018. There were partners from the Middle East at the event including Cisco (Which you might remember that I was performing there 2 years ago for their event in Saudi Arabia. Read more about it here!)

Kempinski Soma Bay

We were housed in the lovely Kempinski Soma Bay hotel in Hurghada, It was a wonderful place next to the Red Sea. We had the time to swim inside the Red Sea and did other tourist things. But it was not all play as we had a show to deliver, and deliver we did!

iPad Magic in Middle East

On top of my regular iPad Stage Illusions, I crafted a customized performance for Connect to showcase their digital and online technology. The whole coding process of a customized performance took about 15 hours, and you can see it below:

Though the effort was immense, it was well worth it. The performance was well received, the client loved how we showcased their technical know-hows and their services. 

Connect PS iPad Magic Connect HYPE

After the performance, we went to tour Egypt, seeing the Great Pyramids of Giza. the Sphinx and even the Valley of the Kings. 

Check out a short video here on the various sights and sounds of Egypt:

I hope you enjoyed the video because we certainly enjoyed showcasing our magic to the middle east and in Egypt!

Can't wait to be back!

Signing Off 

Alexander Y 


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way. He love the Sphinx and how it the word rolls off his tongue. SPHINX

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iPad Magic on Stage For Gala Dinner in Hong Kong

In January, Alexander and his team were specially flew to Hong Kong for a Gala dinner. This gala dinner was to celebrate the company's high growth in 2016. Which that in mind, they wanted a show that is never seen before as well as showcase their company.

iPad Magician Hong Kong

The crowd was immensely engaged by Alexander's sleek style of iPad Magic. They went wild when he "painted" the name of their company on his iPads.

Asia iPad Magician

After it was painted, Alexander changed it to their official logo and pulled it out. 

iPad Magic Logo Launch

This sequence was particularly enjoyable for the crowd because it fostered a strong sense of identity for them. Alexander was commended by the board of directors after the performance!

Hong Kong iPad Magician


Alexander Yuen is Asia's Top iPad Magician. He is frequently booked internationally to design customized magic for his clients. His skills in programming the iPad sets him apart from peers in the industry. 

To book Alexander, drop us an email here!


Who Doesn't Like Mickey Mouse? (iPad Magic at Disney South East Asia)


Who Doesn't Like Mickey Mouse? (iPad Magic at Disney South East Asia)

"When you wish upon a star...."
Disney's "Pinocchio" 
iPad Magic Mickey Mouse

I think it will be hard to find a person who does not like Disney. The whole idea of a world that is fueled by imagination and that nothing is impossible enthralls the kid in everyone of us.

Cartoons and animations have always fascinated me. In their world, nothing is impossible. Some of my magic is inspired by the cartoon world. Inspired by Coyote and Road Runner (Warner Brothers), one of the effects that I do involves drawing a black hole in the iPad and making coins disappear into them.

So when I was requested to do something for Disney's Service Award, I was psyched. I was creating a customized iPad Magic app to make The Sorcerer's Apprentice Mickey appear out of a Fantasia poster.

iPad Magic Disney Mickey

Apart from that, I also did the other apps that I created over the past 2 years. The general appeal of the iPad Magic for the animators and creators working in Disney, is that they literally see the animation inside my iPad transcend digital boundaries and appearing in the physical world.

You can see that they enjoyed themselves very much!

iPad Magician South East Asia
iPad Magician Singapore
iPad Magician Asia

So, who was your favorite Disney Character?


Wanna guess mine? Its actually a Duck :P



Do you believe in magic like Disney did? I would love to bring out magical moments in your event:

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Signing out,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)