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My Magic, My Gift


My Magic, My Gift

For some, magic is a tool to break the ice or pick up girls. For me, my magic is a gift. It is a gift that allows me to connect with people of all ages and demographics. 

iPad Magic Alexander Yuen

Last Friday, Hari Raya, I was asked to do a show for the less fortune at the Istana. I instantly agreed. While the usual corporate international shows are great (together with the fancy hotel suites and cocktails), its always a privilege to offer my magic to those who might not had the chance to experience it. 

When I performed my magic for the audiences, it bridged an instant connection between myself and them, we are on the same page and we know that we are both going to experience something wonderful and amazing. 

I am really glad I was able to rope in The Strangers and Joel to be a part of their experience. They performed wonderful close up magic for them and brought joy to them.

Kim The Strangers Magic
Yuji Tan The Magician The Strangers Singapore
Joel Lim Magician Meta Illusions
Anderson The Strangers Magician Singapore

At the end of our performance, we were also had a chat with Mdm President Halimah and First Gentleman, Mr Mohammad.

President iPad Magic Singapore

Here is a short footage of my iPad Magic at the Istana. Have a glimpse of how the West Drawing Room looks like:

It was truly truly a special thing to give our time and talents for those who have lack moments of wonder, or those who no longer believe in magic. As magicians, we must never forget that.

Magician Selfie President Singapore

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen (iPad Magician)