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Experiential iPad Magic and Storytelling: One Faber Group


Experiential iPad Magic and Storytelling: One Faber Group

"One Escapade, Countless Experience"

The One Faber Group launch was an extremely fun project with side perks like watching Wings of Time, dining at their latest establishment, Dusk and visiting the Merlion, all in the name of "work".

One Faber Group Launch iPad Magician

This project, though fun, was quite challenging. There were several key objectives I had to achieve in this customized presentation.

  1. To showcase One Faber Group's key attractions in an experiential and magical way
  2. To highlight the various features of these establishments
  3. To create wonderful memory anchors so that the guests would remember what the brand is all about.

This project took me 3 months of research, meetings and programming to come together. I had so much fun designing and incorporating national icons like the Sentosa Merlion and Shabaz (a character in Wings of Time).

The day finally came where we had to do the launch, my segment was the highlight of the event as it sealed in the emotional memories and experiential journey with the guests. This event was hosted by the wonderful Anitia Kapoor, whom I had the pleasure of meeting several times in other events. 

One Faber Group Launch iPad Magician Singapore

The performance ended with a huge bang, the audiences were thoroughly amazed and educated about what One Faber Group has to offer! There were countless moments of "ooo-s" and "ahhh-s"! Watch the video below to see it for yourself!


After the event, I was invited to have drinks with the upper management and media at Dusk. This place serves amazing cocktails and the Sunset Spritzer is my favorite.

Dusk Cocktail

Had a really good time talking to the management and the marvelous food!

iPad Magician Alexander Dusk

All in all, what One Faber Group offers is truly One Escapade, Countless Experience. There is just so much to do with your friends and family there.

Signing Off (in a cable car)

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