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Booked by International Luxury Brands: iPad Magic for Moet & Chandon


Booked by International Luxury Brands: iPad Magic for Moet & Chandon

Peers and laymen often ask me how I get booked by luxury brands like LVMH, Kenzo, Heineken, F1 Paddock Suite, Hennessy, Roger Dubuis, Mercedes Benz and most recently, Moet and Chandon.  

The truth is, I work really hard on creating original content and present them in a manner as original as possible. When compared to other magicians who are trying to intimate the same thing, these discerning high end brands have a keen eye on originality. 

There is no easy way to stay original, more often than not, young magicians who have just started out often copy successful magicians. While they might claim to be original by changing superficial features of their act, like the color of the prop, the bulk of their work is stolen (or as they claim, inspired by) from their predecessors. 

In contrast, it is an uphill challenge to create and innovate being the first-mover, since it is so much easier to copy and intimate the works off the originator. 

Despite these challenges, I have been very fortunate that the high-end brands still recognizes the quality of my work and trust me with their prestigious products for a magic launch. Most recently, I was flown to Colombo to do a session for Moet & Chandon's prestigious guests comprising of the top executives of Hennessy and Moet & Chadon, Socialites and Media. 

Alexander Yuen Luxury Illusionist

The event was a huge success with an the guests were left with an experience like no other. They even requested for an encore performance at the end of the night which I abide to. 

Alexander Yuen Colombo iPad Magician

This event was also covered by the local newspapers like The Sunday Times and Esteem Magazine with a special mention of my magic.

All in all, more than just having original materials, I can pat myself on the back for doing a fantastic job. Here is a raving review from the organizer herself:

"Dear Alexander,
Hope you landed safely in Singapore. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. You were the star at our event and our guests absolutely loved you. Your performance was a total hit in Colombo and we have had three inquiries this morning!
Thank You Alexander. Even the media was thrilled to interview you and they called us this morning and complimented your act. We will try secure more events for you in the near future and be in touch with your shortly.
Once again THANK YOU! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we look forward to seeing you again in Sri Lanka in the near future.
Warm regards,
Organizer of the Moet & Chandon Event"

So it does pay to innovate and be original ;)

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen 

Asia's Top iPad Magician


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top iPad Magician, who has been invited performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India. He is often sought after by clients who wants their brand stories to be told in a fun, engaging and memorable way. While his work is often copied by others, he is unfettered by them as he knows that they can never copy his style.

For any enquiries, do contact him at



iPad Magic on Singapore National Day

Singapore's 51st National Day was special for the clients of The Knightsbridge Clinic and Southbridge Aesthetics Clinic. The guests were welcomed to an exclusive party where they were treated to an array of canapes, magic and dance.

Picture Credits: Marinate Consultancy

iPad Magic Singapore

To create a befitting atmosphere for the guests, I was specially invited to this exclusive party to perform my brand of iPad Magic. Like a true blue patriotic Singaporean, I took the liberty to dress up in my national colours of Red and White. While the base colour is white, I added subtle hints of red to create a sleek and stylish look.

Interactive iPad Magic

As the iPad Magician for the event, the agenda was to entertain the guests with magic, and to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement. I performed illusions that I custom created for the guests on that evening that were immensely well received. 

Singapore iPad Magician
iPad Magician Asia

The iPad Magic offers endless possibilities for you and your event. For this event, I custom created an app where gift vouchers were given to the guests through the iPad. This created excitement for the guests as I was not only able to create magic on the iPad, but also added value to the magic by incorporating a corporate gift for the guests.

The voucher app looked something like this:

This is simply one of the many ways magic can enhance, add a different texture and increase the value of your event! To find out more, drop me an email at:

or contact me here!

Logging Off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)


Product Launch by Magic: SOAR Book Launch


Product Launch by Magic: SOAR Book Launch

A couple of months ago, I was engaged as a consultant to design and perform an illusion sequence to launch a book. One of the criterias of this sequence was that it had to be thematically related to the book. The book was titled SOAR, which collated success stories of entrepreneurs. They specifically wanted a sequence that would symbolize the taking flight and soaring above and higher than the rest.

After spending about 2 day in thinking and conceptualizing the possible magical effects pertaining to the idea of soaring, I finally decided to do a sequence where an origami bird would mysteriously take flight on its own symbolizing the rising above the rest.

This was the easiest part of the content development. The hardest part was to design an illusion that would launch the book in a flashy and yet magical manner. The illusion also had to be simple enough so that a VIP can activate it if required. Another challenge that I faced was that the book was printed in soft bound, it was not easy to manipulate the book via sleight of hand. The dimensions of the book made it extremely difficult to conceal it in a convincing fashion. Hence, I needed to build an illusion that would hold the book in place. 

I first referenced my library of magic illusion books. I compiled several ideas that seems workable and does not require intensive building. This was crucial given that the booking was only confirmed 2 months in advance (compared to my SOP of 3 months for customized projects), I did not have the luxury of time to build something overly complicated. While most of these ideas seem to work (in a magic sense), some were stronger than the others. For example, I deliberated between making the book appear by covering a lid over a box versus this current method. I chose the latter because there was an economy of movement in my choreography and the design of the illusion allowed me to activate it easily without looking fumbling. 

I sent my design to be fabricated and I was very pleased with its outcome. The frame looks elegant and posh. It looks like a frame that would house an exquisite centerpiece in a prestigious venue. I was pleasantly surprised that the Chief Operations Officer wanted me to leave the book inside the frame to use it as picture taking centerpiece.

You can check out more pictures of the event here!

So finally, after researching, designing and fabricating the apparatus, the rest was simple: Rehearsals. I spent at least 10 hours on rehearsals alone for this performance. The surprising thing about the performance was that, it only took 1 minute and 30 seconds. All that work for that 1 minute? Yes, that was the amount of work I had to put in for this. Simply because for launches, there is ZERO room for error. I only get one shot at the launch. 

Here is the end result, in video (Spoiler alert, the book appears at the end):

At least 150 hours of work put into this in one video :)

Have a book to launch? Or a product to be launched in a creative fashion? Let me design something unique and visually appealing for you! Drop me a text below and I would love to discuss with you further!

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen