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Tempur X Tatler: 1 Year Anniversary at Tempur


Tempur X Tatler: 1 Year Anniversary at Tempur

One year ago, I did an opening piece for Tempur's opening. The crowd loved it, and they loved how it fit into their Weightless Campaign. (See video below).

This year, when I got a call from the Tempur marketing team with regards to their 1st year anniversary, I was overjoyed!

iPad Magician Tempur

In collaboration with Singapore Tatler, Tempur had a smaller celebration and invited the guests from Tatler to experience the weightlessness.

iPad Magician Singapore Tatler
Asia iPad Magician

Wanting to do something different from them, I designed a sequence with my iPad to showcase the weightless motif and give the guest an opportunity to feel the Tempur Material (which is commissioned by NASA to be used in Space).

Here what the Tempur and Tatler team had to say:

"Thank you Alexander and helping us out!
It was a real pleasure meeting you and thank you for the brilliant show! Looking forward to working with you again soon.

Daniel (Singapore Tatler)"

"Hi Alex,
The customized acts were very cool, thank you!

Janet (Tempur)"

Have you experienced Tempur Weightless-ness?


Signing off,

Alexander Yuen (Asia iPad Magician)


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