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Directorial Debut: A Theatre Production With Science and Magic


Directorial Debut: A Theatre Production With Science and Magic

In the last 3 months, I was involved in a small theatre production with NTU's School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences. 

I was engaged as a consultant and director for the play. The concept was "to make the freshmen feel inspired by science" and it should involve a wizard learning magic fueled by science.

Alexander Yuen Magic Director

Though conceptually simply, the process was not that simple. 

My role involved understanding what the various majors had to offer. For example, the physics department had an intriguing experiment where a barrel would roll up slope against gravity and the math department had a mind reading card trick based on math principles. I had to spend substantial periods of time conceptualizing a plot and resolution involving these experiments. 

NTU SPMS Theatre

Once I had the general concept in mind, I had to devise a larger plot that would string the whole show together. The plot was refined to : "Disdained Wizard from Hogwarts meets Wizards of SPMS" or simply "Sorcery versus Science".

Theatre Production with Magic

After crafting the script, my team and I did performance workshops and vocal training for the professors. 

At the end of the grueling 3 months, we finally made it and created a one of a kind production for the freshmen!

While the official video is not out yet, check out the rehearsal footage below!


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