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Magic Moments: Gorgeous Wedding at 1 Altitude


Magic Moments: Gorgeous Wedding at 1 Altitude

Weddings = Love + Venue + Food ?

Is it all that simple? Yes and no. It really depends on how a couple conceptualizes the wedding. If weddings thought to be simply ceremonial and perfunctory, then the above equation would suffice. A simple affair where two lovers unite their hearts and lives as one from this day on.

But if you conceptualize weddings as an experience, as part of a milestone in your lives as lovers and from this day on as man and wife, then this milestone needs to be memorable and more than just ceremonial. 

The little details add up to the grand experience. For couple, AJ and Jeraldine, they chose a gorgeous venue at 1-Altitude and the decorations were just magical. They also got me to enhance the atmosphere of their wedding. You can see in the pictures below how magic created a magical mood of awe and anticipation.

Picture Credits: One Eye Click and Jeraldine

AJ flew his friends and family to witness the wonder union of him and his wife. The audience were flew in from different parts of the world to be a part of this magical experience. 

With such a diverse demographics, my experience as an international performer enabled me to effectively entertain and interact with the guests. 

Singapore Magician Alexander Yuen

The best part about having an illusionist/magician in your wedding is that you can elicit and capture emotions and expressions of awe, amazement, wonder and positive surprise. Such emotions are hard to evoke and rare in daily occurrences. With magic, these raw emotions are captured in time. 

So consider having a magician for your wedding, a professional and classy magician. With that, magical moments awaits you. 

Signing off,
Alexander Yuen (humming the tune of Magic.... Moments...)




Singapore Wedding Entertainment (Wedding Magician at Flower Dome)


Singapore Wedding Entertainment (Wedding Magician at Flower Dome)

Songs, dances, skits and magic can be great for weddings. But what is the secret element that makes them great? In order to understand what makes for good wedding entertainment, consider this unique characteristic of weddings that is not typically present in other events. Look at the series of pictures from the same wedding (in the Flower Dome), do you know what it is?

Weddings tend to have a wide range of audiences with huge differences in age.

This is because for weddings, the guests consist of grandparents, parents, friends and also/even their/their children. You can/will literally have/see/encounter guests ranging from 3 months of age to 100. 

As such, the form of entertainment provided should cater to the different groups of guests. For instance, young children love magic that is visually stimulating, bright and interactive. Teenagers prefer magic that has an element of challenge. Young adults tend towards magic that is sophisticated and of a psychological nature while the older generation likes magic that is visually impactful and cognitively simpler.

Magician Singapore for Weddings

Sure, you can have music or even live music to entertain the guests while they wait, but does it cater to individual groups of guests as adequately as magic? There is nothing more exciting and fun than to have magic happening inside your own hands'. And this is what I do for wedding receptions, I perform magic that is interactive, engaging and I make sure the guests have a good time while they wait.

Think of your perfect wedding as a journey for you and your guests where every moment of it adds up to an experiential treat. It is your special day, why not make sure your guests leave with fond memories of a great time? ?

Wedding magician


Wish to find out? Contact me through the button below! My wedding services includes a non-obligatory 20 minute consultation meeting where I will demonstrate to you my style of magic and do a rundown of how my magic can be incorporated into the wedding.

In the meantime, I wish you love and the happiest ever after.

wedding at flower dome garden by the bay

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen.