Designing a product launch is never an easy task, it takes a lot of creative energy, trial and error and rehearsals. 

Imagine this, I was sent a brief for a launch of a printer with the tagline "Terrific Colours, Stylishly Compact". And a specific request that a VIP must be involved in the act.

How do you work from here? What type of imagery does this elicit in your mind?

While it is vague, I did my research on the Canon printer and found other neat features it has. With these features in mind, I knew objectively what I wanted to showcase. The terrific colors it has, its stylishness and its mobile-friendly capacity. 

iPad Magic Product Launch Canon Printer

With this said, the magic also has to reflect this. The visual assets I use must also reflect this. 

The total time I took to design this 3 minute sequence:

  • Conceptualization: 10 hours
  • Programming: 30 Hours
  • Designing Visual Assets: 5 Hours
  • Designing the Prop: 3 Hours
  • Fabrication of Props: 10 Hours
  • Rehearsals: 10 Hours

You can see that I make sure every detail is taken care of. I had to program the iPads such that the VIP can use it intuitively. 

You can hear how much the crowd enjoyed this sequence, as well as learning about its features. See the video below!

Hope you enjoyed that!

If you have a product or a campaign to launch, talk to a professional. I will be most happy to design a sequence specially for you!

Signing Off,

Alexander Y (Asia's Top iPad Magician)

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