Ipad Roving Magic

iPad Magician Singapore
Singapore Magician iPad Magic

Alexander combines sleight of hand and modern technology to create magic that is both virtual and reality. 

Watch as Alexander pulls and passes objects through the iPad and visually transform objects from one form to the other. This form of unique entertainment is highly interactive and sought after!

Recommended for: Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Parties, Networking Sessions, Private Parties, Tradeshows.


Interactive Roving Magic

Singapore Magician Corporate Entertainer
Magic Show Singapore Magician Singapore

The Interactive Roving Magic performance promises strong and powerful magic that happens in your guests’ hands. Through magic performed using everyday objects such as money, watches and even borrowed phones, Alexander creates magical moments that are up-close and personal. 

Alexander’s hospitality and communicative skills allows him to mingle and interact with top CEOs, Directors and Chief Level Executives. With Alexander around, rest assured that your guests will be in good hands!

Recommended for: Cocktail Receptions, Corporate Parties, Networking Sessions, Private Parties, Weddings, Tradeshows, Restaurants and General Roving Events. 

Digital Illusions

iPad Magic Asia iPad Magician Asia
Digital Technology Magician Singapore

“Visual Technological miracles”
DURATION: 15 minutes

Combining technology and magic principles, Alexander will engineer a visual illusion show like no other. 

Watch him interact with digital space, manipulating objects and transforming virtual into reality.

*All Digital Magic Shows are customized depending on theme and event. 
Lead time: 45 days or more. 

Featured in Esplanade! Read about it here!


Stage illusion shows

Singapore Illusion Show
International Magician International Entertainer
Asia Magician Asia Illusionist
Singapore Mentalist Professional Magician

Welcome to My Stage!

"An interactive illusion show that amazes you on and off stage!"

WELCOME TO MY STAGE! is an interactive stage magic show that brings engagement and interaction to the audiences through magic and comedy. Your audiences will be thrilled with the opportunity to participate directly in the magic on stage and even do a trick or two themselves!

Recommended for: Small-Medium size events





Corporate Magician Tradeshow magician
Customized Illusions Magic

Whether it is a marketing pitch, a product launch, or a customized theme. Alexander and his team of experts will help you craft illusions to exemplify that story.

We go beyond sticking logos on boxes. 






Talks and Workshops

Apart from doing shows and giving performances,Alexander also provides specialized workshops on magic, psychology, passion and motivation. 

Alexander has been invited to international conferences and local talks to present his work on psychology and magic. With his performative background, Alexander's talks are energetic and engaging, leaving the audiences with something to remember and think about. 

Recommended for: Schools, Workshops, Guests Speaker Events, Team Building Events.