The Esplanade is a renowned arts performance venue in Singapore that showcases art performances and galleries.

Digital Illusion Show

Magic hardly gets recognize as an art in Singapore. But this year, I was booked at the Esplanade. I was there to debut my latest show Virtual X Reality. This is a show that crosses the boundaries between what is real and what is unreal. For most magic shows, magic tend to be linear in that there is no real transference of emotions from the artist to the audiences. It is mainly visual surprises laden along the show.

The organizers wanted a show that is light hearted but yet had an artistic element to it. I worked hard to craft out a story for my show, with the subtext of questioning whats real and whats unreal. With the help of director, Jeremiah Choy and circus artist, Jay Che, I refined the story and the magic.

I was pleased with the end result, a show that creates wonder through magic and illusion through technology.

I am also very grateful that Esplanade took the leap of faith for my show and gave magic a shot at being recognized as an art form.

Many other exciting projects for me ahead! Stay tuned!

Signing off,

Alexander Yuen