Last week, I was invited to a farewell party for a friend of mine who will be moving to Switzerland with her husband (you lucky gal!). And when I got to the venue, lo-and behold, it exudes regalness and royalty. 

Have you seen a place more magical than this?

Credits: Photography by Simplifai Studios. @simplifai

I was stoked to be able to bid my friend farewell as well as perform in this gorgeous setting. 

Alexander Yuen Singapore Magician
Corporate Magician Singapore
Singapore Corporate Magician
Singapore Magicians

After the show performance, it was lunch. Lunch was served on a huge platter. Trust me, it was delicious!

Mamanda Food

Shortly, the Indonesian Ambassador's wife, Mrs Ferial Hadi, who is also a personal friend of the host came by. I was very lucky to be able to perform for her. She was really thrilled and enjoyed the magic immensely.

Corporate Illusionist Alexander Yuen
Alexander Yuen Performing for Ambassador

The food, the staff, the ambience and the decorations are definitely befitting for royalty. Check out this place if you wish to hold a classy private event.

Alexander Yuen

Gonna miss you guys, Joao and Mona! Enjoy Switzerland!


Signing off,

Alexander Yuen