Some weeks ago, I had great pleasure conceptualizing a routine for the launch of Tempur's flagship store at Nassim Road. It was amazing working with professionals from Tempur and Word of Mouth Communication. 

The idea was to create a sequence to showcase what weightlessness would visually look like. I received the brief for the campaign and two things came to my mind almost immediately. I wanted to create the illusion of weightlessness with a person, and I wanted it to mirror Tempur's logo. 

With that in mind, I created a sequence with other weightless illusions to give a general feel of weightlessness. Also, the music I chose are relaxing and soothing. Nothing too rock or metal to break the illusion of lightness.

The result? Pretty awesome! Check out what others had to say about it:

The full sequence is here, for your viewing pleasure!

Oh and one last thing before I end this post, I met ex-National Swimmer Joscelin Yeo! Happy!

Hope you enjoyed the magic! Have a concept you want to showcase, write to me! My team and I will find the best way to showcase your concept in a visual and compelling manner!

Signing off
Alexander Yuen