Did Humpty Dumpty had a great fall?

Easter Magic

We are all on the topic of Eggs because some time ago, I was consulted and then commissioned to design a sequence for Sentosa-Harbourfront Business Association to launch a first of its kind, egg themed cookbook titled, "Everybody Loves Eggs".

Though the timeline was tight, I managed to craft an iPad Magic Sequence that is thematic to this book. There were a few key messages that were integral to this sequence:

  1. First ever egg-themed recipe book in Singapore

  2. Encompasses creations from top chefs in the precinct, from brunches to main courses, desserts and cocktail.

  3. Enjoy the Easter treats at Sentosa-HarbourFront, and take the recipe book home and replicate the memories.

  4. VIP has to launch the book

I spent about half a day working out a creative way to introduce the first 3 messages. This was followed by the designing of visual assets and then programming. You can see how I creatively use visual illusions, animation and magic to showcase the top 3 messages.

VIP Launch Mechanism

There were a few consideration for the launch mechanism. The first main constraint was that the mechanism needs to be as straightforward as possible. The VIP should not have to do a lot of rehearsals for the launch. The reason being, the VIP usually has a packed schedule without sufficient free time for a proper rehearsal. Hence the magic needs to be as direct as possible.

The second constraint was that the book needs to be pulled out and displayed in the VIP's hand. I hadto use an apparatus that would allow me to do that. 

With the two conditions in mind, I programmed a sequence where the VIP would swipe an image into a picture frame, and the image of the book would appear. Thereafter, the illusionist would show that this is not just a picture, but it is the book itself. 

The crowd size was fairly small, there was about 80 guests present at the event. The full sequence was well received by the crowd and the VIP. In fact, one of the guest present, Meiling from Universal Scribbles came up to me and asked if she could film a sequence for her son, who loves magic. 

So back to Humpty Dumpty, did he have a great fall? I am not sure, but I think he would have a great time at the Great Egg-Venture!



Signing Off,

Alexander Y.



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