The nature of a magician's job heavily involves deception. To the uninformed, our job entails lies and deceit, it is a malicious occupation. Indeed, while our job involves deceit, it is crafted in a sophisticated manner that it will induce a desire in our audiences to want to be fooled by our skilled trickery further.

However, we must also bear in mind that the public will judge us quickly and harshly when our deception is discovered, in a magic routine context and/ or personal context.

With this in mind, I strongly advocated magicians to uphold their business transactions and personal dealings in an above board fashion so that there is no room for suspicion and there is no tendency to assume that "because he is a magician, he is prone to cheating".

We have to conduct ourselves in an open manner, like a corporation, so that the thought of foul play will not cross the minds of our business partners and clients.

It is unfortunate that not all practitioners of the art uphold the value of integrity. They believe they can cut corners and skirt their way around their mishandlings in hopes that it will not be noticed. 
For these people, I appeal to your remaining sense of integrity. Your occupation in deception already has a negative reputation by default, do what you can and must to make sure that you, as a person, do not fall into that heuristic trap that the public holds. This means, you have to stop using magic to harm the vulnerable by selling "magic stones" or 4D predictions. This means, you need to start living your life as an upright individual and be accountable to the public, your colleagues and your business partners.

Our passion and occupation may require deception, but your personal lives do not.