After a grueling 15 hours of traveling, I am finally in Saudi Arabia's capital, Riyadh. Woohoo! It is a gorgeous place, the charm of this city creeps on you like the light of dawn.

iPad Magician in Riyadh

This was the very first picture I took on the ride to the hotel. Incidentally, this is also the place where I will be debuting my iPad Illusion Show. 

I am booked here to perform at Cisco Connect, a technological conference that engages the development of technological advancement. The iPad Illusion Show is a great fit for the theme as I present cutting edge illusions without old cliches in magic. More on that later.

After reaching the hotel, I had a refreshing sleep and then it is back to work. I had to do some last minute programming changes in some of the apps I developed as the customized content was tweaked a little.

Setting up the iPads

Setting up the iPads

Commence Programming!

Commence Programming!

Singapore is 5 hours ahead of the Riyadh, therefore I was also 5 hours late in replying my emails. I guess no one ever sees the background work of an entrepreneur but it is not all glitz and glamour. After programming, I got to my emails.

Check out that killer view. This is my business suite and my sleeping place for the next few days. Awesome!

Check out that killer view. This is my business suite and my sleeping place for the next few days. Awesome!

We had some time before the technical rehearsal, my stage assistant, Yi Hao and I took a walk. But soon after we took a few steps, we realized it was a better idea to stay indoors. The heat was scorching, we could feel the heat wave on our bodies. If you thought Singapore was hot, try Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia Temp

However, we did the best thing on a sunny day, ICE CREAM! We also found non-alcoholic beer from Budweiser. We did a taste and videoed it, check it out below!

Ice Cream on a Hot Day
No Alcoholic Beer

It was then call time for the technical rehearsal. The staging and set up looks magnificent!

CISCO Connect 2016 iPad Magician

I am very excited to perform on the pedestal-looking stage. Tech rehearsals went smoothly and we are good to go for tomorrow and Thursday!

iPad Magician Asia

To reward ourselves, we headed back for dinner and tried the non-alcoholic beer. Check out our reaction and thoughts on this in this video!

Yea.... Probably not my thing for now.

I am stoked to be performing tomorrow at the amazing stage for the international conference goers! It is about 10.41 pm right now, which means it is it is 3.40am in Singapore. I am still feeling a little jet lagged. Gonna head to bed soon!

Will be uploading a sample of my show tomorrow!

Signing Off,
Alexander Yuen (iPad Magician in Saudi Arabia)