Smoke and Mirrors Singapore

Magic has always given me numerous opportunities in making new friends while at the same time, relish the vigour and pleasure of life! Last week, I was honoured with a wonderful chance to perform for a pleasant bunch of nice and beautiful people at Singapore’s very own Smoke and Mirrors rooftop bar. The scene at the bar was gorgeous and short of a word – breath-taking! The music was cool - one had the tendency to order a drink too many at this fantastic place - the ambiance was terrific; this was further accentuated with the fine furnishing and lights that the bar has meticulously embellished. Brilliant! Overlooking the skyline of Singapore; this has got to be one of my favourite places to perform!

Check out this video summary of the event:

This event was a networking session for Visa Group. I had a fantastic evening interacting with the crowd, of whom exhibited great enthusiasm and energy when I showed them some of the digital wonders on my iPad. These guys could not believe their eyes when I caused a solid object to materialised from a virtual space!

iPad Magician Singapore

Magic at a networking session is always a good idea. The magic helps create a conversation topic for the guests and allows them to ease into natural conversation. 

iPad Magic Singapore

It has been a memorable and truly unforgettable experience performing at Smoke & Mirrors. I highly recommend a visit or two to this rooftop bar. Hopefully, I would be able to perform here once more in the near future!


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