On the 29th of March, I was given the pleasure to perform for Commscope Solutions, one of Singapore’s communication networking companies, at Malaysian Food Street, Resort World Sentosa! I figured, what better way to engage the employees of the company, than the use of digital magic.

iPad Magician Singapore

Pictures courtesy of McCorkell

Malaysian Food Street is a wonderfully adorned and embellished area undisturbed by pop culture; it is furnished with traditional coffee-shop benches and nostalgic signboards where authentic dishes of the past embraces this modern generation of ours.

Close-up digital magic transcends both cultures and ethnicity.  Despite the differences in cultural practices and beliefs, magic allows me to bridge a psychological and emotional connection with my audience. Unlike conventional stage magic, where magic is but an expression of the performer’s artistry, close up magic allows the magician to interact and engage with the spectators on an intimate level – something that the magician is unable to accomplish thoroughly on stage.

amazing ipad magician

Magic has always been something special to me. The flip of a card, the click of the fingers creates amazing memories both for me and my audience. These moments are the ones that I especially cherish and enjoy.

Regardless of the toil and effort that precedes the performance, the opportunity to witness a smile of wonder and curiosity is the best reward for me as a magician!


Alexander Y. is Asia’s Top IPad Magician, who has experience performing in several countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, India! For any enquiries, do contact him at alexander@ipadmagician.org